Social games for remote teams to play in Slack. The future of fun + social for remote work.


Fun topics like Internet Culture, Technology, Urban Dictionary, MCU, Today I Learnt and more. Learn interesting trivia with every question.


Put your humor to the test by captioning popular memes with your team. Jokes no bar! So, are you something of a Memelord yourself?


What is something weird about you that nobody believes? What food would you introduce to aliens when they visit? Spark interesting conversations with your colleagues and get to know them better with these icebreakers.


They say roasting helps brings people closer. Try it out and know for yourself in this simple and totally safe-for-work roasting game. Write the funniest answer to win.

Who’s the Faker?

Everyone receives a question (What helps you sleep at night?), except one person who gets something different (What keeps you up at night?). When the answers are revealed, can you tell who the faker is?

Bored Meetings

Has the remote work setup not let you be the social animal you are? Want to connect with your collegues and get to know them better? Let Bored handle it for you!
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