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Sheryl Varghese
Head Of Marketing - CropBytes

"Together with SuperGaming team, we will be shaping the future of mobile gaming in India - bringing rich social and live-interactive experiences to the players and audiences.”

Games on SuperPlatform
Integrates with games on
API Layer
Player Data

ID management, Profile management, Player Progression, Player management & Inventory management

Game Management

Admin console, Error and crash logging, Server health monitoring & OpEx tracking


Data warehousing, Dashboards & Realtime queries


Store setup, SKU management, Sales insights & Gacha system


Leaderboards, Achievements
& Battle Pass


Data warehousing, Dashboards & Realtime queries


Event creation and management, Designer tools & Insights to what works


Matchmaking, Server scaling
& Low latency


Wallet, Exchange, Smart Contracts, Economy Management, On & Off Chain, Data Management & Multi Chain Support

3rd Party Integrations
Smartfox server
Photon cloud/realtime
Social Logins
Unity Game services
Hosted on
Free to play
Player Progression

Plan and design player journeys in the game using multiple level systems, level-ups, rewards, item unlocking, content staging and mission systems.

Game Configuration

Leverages a custom DSL over tracked data to create personalized offers for each user and state in the game.

Match Making

AI-driven 1:1, 1:n and n:n match-making to ensure fair competition with support for skill based balancing for team modes.


Build social loops via friends and clans systems, text and audio chat, spectate feature and social gifting.


Design and deploy LiveOps events within hours, not weeks. Use data driven insights to prioritize events and maximize conversion.

Sales & Merchandising

Leverages a custom DSL over tracked data to create personalized offers for each user and state in the game.

Gacha System

Design and finetune gacha systems with controls such as rarities, tiering, drop rates, drop sequences, item grouping and pity pulls.

Battle Pass

Tune battle pass to achieve the highest conversion by providing content staging and own engagement loops like events, leaderboards and missions.

Server Scaling

Auto scaling of servers based on real-time concurrency and ensuring uptime with live monitoring of infrastructure.

Admin Console

A web app through which stakeholders, designers and developers can view and control the game.


A self-custodial Web3 wallet that users can sign into using Social platforms such as Google or Facebook. No more private keys!

Smart Contracts

Author smart contracts that enable gameplay and transactions


Run an exchange for a game where assets, tokens and NFTs for the game can be traded

Economy Management

Design and monitor a game’s economy and simulate the effect of planned changes

Multi chain support

Deploy smart contracts and the game simultaneously on several blockchains

On & Off Chain Data

Manage and visualize data that is on the blockchain and also data that’s stored in a database from a single location

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